Our Mission

The mission of the Flight Crew Boosters Club is to support the players of the Lancaster JetHawks Professional Baseball Club and to further fan support and interest in the game of baseball throughout the Antelope Valley community.

Some of the things we do for the players.

Apartment Furnishing/Move In: The Booster Club provides furnishings and setup to player apartments, including furniture, bedding, television, kitchen supplies, etc.

Player Sponsorship: Booster Club members/families sponsor a player, providing a point of contact, bringing occasional treats, supplies, making a scrapbook, and generally forming a friendly relationship with their player. Players have the option to have or not have a sponsor.

Friday Night Grill: The Booster Club provides a grilled meal, with all side dishes, for the players after every Friday home game. It is served by the clubhouse manager, in the clubhouse. Club members do not attend.

Sunday Potluck: Booster Club members provide a potluck meal  Sunday home games. It is an opportunity for members and players eat and visit together.

Clubhouse Gift: The Booster Club has provided a Clubhouse gift most years. Past gifts have included the couches, televisions, premium folding chairs, towels, and barbeque grill.

Road Trip Water: The Booster Club provides bottled water for the team.

Player Appreciation Banquet: The Booster Club hosts a banquet for the players each August, to honor the team. Gifts are given to each player, as well as a wonderful meal and lots of fun for players and members. A raffle and silent auction are held at the banquet to help defray the cost of player meals, as this banquet is free to players and coaching staff.

Your Current Board of Directors

Curt Redecker: Chairman    contactflightcrewboosterclub@gmail.com    

Rich Adam: Vice Chairman

Suzie Berg: Treasurer

Candy Havlock: Secretary

Robin Andersen, Lester Ball, Steve Juhasz, Kathy Leon, Wendy Tarleton: Board of Directors

Club By Laws

2017 By Laws Amended